Visualization: Healthcare

A client needed images of a future infusion suite to use as part of a fundraiser package. The following images were created with the use of Revit, Sketch-Up, V-Ray (a plug-in for Sketch-up) and finally, Photoshop.

WaitingWaiting Area

ConferenceConference/ Multi-PurposeInfusion RoomInfusion RoomExam RoomExam RoomTeam RoomStaff Team Room

Paleonthology Collection Building

Exterior View 2.jpgA preliminary design for a paleontology collection building at a marine museum in Maryland, USA.

Role: Project Architect working under Principal-In-Charge

  • Met with the client, completed a walk-through of the site
  • Worked with the Principal to develop a schematic floor plan.
  • Developed a Revit model. The linework was taken from Revit and materials were applied in Photoshop.

LSY Office Renovation

With the renewal or their lease, LSY Architects decided to renovate their space in downtown Silver Spring. This included new pantry area that also functions as a work area and a collaboration space. Other elements included a new reception area, a guest area, new furniture and a product library. The renovation was completed in two phases while the space was still occupied. This required working closely with the contractor to ensure the project was completed quickly with minimal disturbance to the employees. The project was designed and completed with direction from a project manager and of course, input from the architects at LSY. The LSY office has achieved LEED Gold certification.

Role: Architectural Designer (75%)  working under a Project Manager (25%)

  • Initial charrette was conducted with staff members
  • Schematic design was developed along side another Architectural Designer
  • Construction Documents in Revit
  • Construction Administration (RFIs, Submittals, ASIs and Change Orders)
  • Programs used: Revit, Sketchup and Photoshop

LSY Office 0008 LSY Office 0007 LSY Office 0006 LSY Office 0005 LSY Office 0004 LSY Office 0001

Lovettsville Community Center

After an extensive study that looked at the cost and implications of building a new community center versus renovating the existing center, Loudoun County decided to pursue the design of a new community center. The major elements of the project include a gymnasium, pre-school classrooms and a staff area. For the exterior, the client was presented with three options: traditional, contemporary and modern. The client chose contemporary with a s few modern elements. The schematic design was completed under the guidance of a Project Architect and a Project Manager. Currently, the project is in the Construction Document Phase and scheduled to be opened in the fall of 2018.


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Kinetic Architecture: Iris

With the discovery of glass and the new technology available to build taller buildings, not much regard has been given to the environmental impact until the last decade. The Iris is a kinetic facade intended to be cladded to existing high-rise glass buildings occupying most city skylines of the world. The primary component of the iris is programmed to expand to allow sunlight into the space during the cooler days and contracts to minimize solar gain in the warmer days. At the corners of each unit are panels that allow for ventilation. The system reduces the stress on the mechanical systems of the buildings while still allowing the inhabitants to enjoy the view.

A possible building for application is 1818 Market Street in Philadelphia, a high rise building with 3 exposed facades. The project was developed along with another 5th year architecture student. A prototype of a unit was developed and exhibited at the 2013 Philadelphia Science Festival.

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C_ABE_Tobi Ogunleye

College of Architecture Proposal

This was a studio project completed in Fall 2012 with two other architecture students and under the guidance of two professors. The main objective was to design a new College of Architecture on Philadelphia University’s campus. We also developed additional objectives as we saw fit. Below are selected images from the project.

View the project on issuu here

Tobi Ogunleye_clinton

Clinton Presidential Library | Diagramming

An important part of architecture is precedent research. In order to truly understand a building, you have to do the drawings and create a model. In this one week project, the objective was to understand the systems that were involved in the Clinton Presidential Library, a project by Polshek Partners located in Little Rock, AR. The diagramming was conducted through the use of a Revit model I created.

More on the Clinton Presidential Library:

Library Website

Polshek Partners (now Ennead) Website

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Tobi Ogunleye_Monastery

St. Benedict’s Monastery

Saint Benedict’s Monaster in Bucks County, PA is an entry into the 112th John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship in Architecture. The concept of the design is derived from Saint Benedict’s doctrine that highlighted the importance of Lectio Devina| Holy Reading, Prex Precis|Prayer, and Opus|Work. This is evident in the simple layout of the programmatic elements. The connected components of the plan form an exterior border, allowing the monks to focus inward on the sacred church.


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